Friday, August 01, 2014

Visiting Samarinda

Yesterday was great, we drove to Samarinda. It was a fun ride in a sunny day, the traffic flowed easily and stopping at some welcome centers. We were actually planning for a road trip to Bontang, it takes 3-4 hours away from Samarinda. My hubby's uncle has lived in Bontang for more than a decade and I have never come to see their home there since I moved to Balikpapan. So it's like an alternate vacation to visit him and his family there. It's him  and his family that always come to Balikpapan for a visit or during Eid.  Heading out a 6-7 hours long drive to Bontang sounds a lot of fun and some kind of an enjoyable adventure but also takes too much energy. And we don't think we'll have much time to spend for a hangout there. So we decided to just head to the nearer city.

Papakin or Lai is Durian species that exist only in Kalimantan alone. Papakin farmers selling their fruits on the road side along the way to Samarinda. We stopped at Loa Duri Ilir Village and kicked some durian party there

Lunch at Waroeng Sambal Jogja

Nila Fish Soup

Mahakam River view from the restaurant, local fisherman catching fish on the dock

Rest area KM 50 Balikpapan-Samarinda
The road trip back was a bit rough, we stuck in traffic near Samboja, there was an accident, two cars had crashed, I saw the driver stuck in the steering wheel. Police and people trying to get the driver out of his car. Total standstill for almost 30 minutes and then the traffic started moving again. And Alhamdulillah we have arrived home safely.

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