Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Melawai Beach Balikpapan, the kitchens of the beach

When Balikpapan locals talk about going to Melawai Beach, they mean hanging out with friends or family on the beach which located next to Semayang Port. It is so easy to find Melawai beach as it's situated in Sudirman Street the main road to various regions in Balikpapan. This beach is the best place in Balikpapan to enjoy the sunset and also the center of various food types and drinks particularly at night. When restaurants and bars are closing, and your stomach is rumbling, you still can find some comfort food to eat at 1 a.m here.

Beside enjoying the beach and the food, visitors could also  see loading and unloading activities at the port. And also from this beach visitors can see two small islands called Pulau Babi and Pulau Tukung which can be visited during low tide. 

My son looks so creepy

Sudirman Street

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