Friday, July 06, 2012

on being busy

Oh my, I've been ignoring my camera lately. I love photographing my daily life and I didn't mean to be on break from blogging. Saya sibuk banget membungkus nasi pecel, ngurusin Alif, ngurusin suami dan blah blah blah banyak banget yang saya urusin.. dan malam, I'm just too tired to be sitting in front of my computer and editing photos I snapped. And I never expected to be this busy on this holiday. Dan di sela waktu senggang saya yang sangat sedikit, just a quick update, only a few minutes to actually keep my blog alive. I'm still taking my camera with me everywhere. So, I'll take photos again, enjoy Balikpapan like a tourist just like I did before. Have a wonderful holiday, Folks! xo [img src]

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