Friday, April 13, 2012

my first instagram photos

I know I'm too late for instagram, feels like everyone in the entire world had signed up for it. And I feel so lucky this super fun photo app also available for Android. I just tried out my first few photos using instagram. And the result was just what I was thinking about. Instagram is a better version of pix trix with my favorite Nashville border. Playing image in instagram is fun thing to do, I can't wait to try more image editing on my next shots and take more photos. Happy instagramming..!!
And have a lovely weekend.. XO


  1. follow me @aditiapratama yah mbak :)

  2. mbak markati fluent in English ya...hehe..instagram tu apa ya? #gaptek :)

    1. itu aplikasi untuk edit foto di iphone sama android mbak susan. kayak apa ya istilahnya, filter, jadi kita gak usah susah2 ngedit foto untuk dapet hasil foto vintage atau filter yang lain. hehehe ak jg gak terlalu ngerti si mbak. udah lama gak pake lagi. :D


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