Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alif's fever frenzy

these last days have been a bit stressful, I'm actually not a person to stress out about things too much.. But, it's been 5 days, my son still has a fever, not really high, that's why I don't think I should take him to doctor.. He looks fine, just a bit "burning" in his head.. I just give him paracetamol, vitamins and bee propolis at the same time for now.. I was meant to take him to doctor last night but, when I get prepared, it was raining all of a sudden.. and the plan has been cancelled because the rain didn't stop until midnight I guessed..

and last night, his fever was so high, I didn't check the temperature, but I bet the thermometer could go up to 40 C degrees.. and after I gave him paracetamol, until the last drop, Alhamdulillah, the fever went down until now.. but I'll take him to doctor anyway.. and my son could skip his school until the holiday is over "next year".. Oh, no.. I hope we can go back to the last day of school before semester holiday tomorrow..

{stay inside activity}

I'm usually never let him playing computer game all day long.. but, if I let him go outside and play with his friends, I worried his fever will get worse..


  1. such a quick comment.. thank you pambiwara.. I'll check yours.. :)


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