Sunday, August 14, 2011

scrapbook project, using the scraps

the first ever thing I prepared is the photograph.. I sorted some from my pc and they're ready to print, but, I still need more picture from the holy moment Idul Fitri, so I decided to print the pictures out, later when all the pictures I need is up..

and now, I'm working on the scraps.. last night I went to the stationary store and got some scrapbook stuff I need..

the scraps, kertas wafer warna biru dan oranye polos dan bermotif adalah tas souvenir ulang tahun dari teman2 alif yang saya lepas jahitannya untuk saya pakai di scrapbook project saya..
brown dotted ribbon and green fancy ribbon dan pita kertas warna-warni
stiker instan
colorful corrugated papers, beli di Gramedia 18rb

I'm super excited about the project, and it's time to throw out some scrapbooking ideas I saw from the internet.. xo


  1. wo hoo...can't wait until it finish...wanna see it...wanna see it :)

  2. hehehe.. ditunggu ya mas adit, tapi kalo jelek, harap maklum, namanya juga baru belajar, ntr mau nyetak fotonya dulu beberapa yg udah ada, sambil nunggu foto2 berikutnya.. :D


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