Monday, August 15, 2011

being nice to BlackBerry

you know I hate some super alay people in my husband's BBM contact, and I'm now a BB user too, but wait, I'm not alay, I use my BB in a right proportion.. I don't do too much BBM, and I don't use any alay BBM icons or texts, I don't update any stupid personal message as my status update in BBM either.. but yeah, it's like I must take my words back, that I said, I will never be a BB user.. but, it's not me, it's my best pal, she asked me to use BB so we can chat in BBM, because chatting in sms look so old fashioned and expensive, sure it is, we use a different mobile operator..

it's been almost a month I used this gadget.. it actually belongs to my husband, but he still not using it until now, so why not using an unused useful thing..

I don't know how long I will use this gadget.. for now, it's my second camera and my music player when I need to fall asleep faster by listening my favorite songs..
BBM is fun, but I still prefer FB over it


  1. welcome to the club... aku juga akhirnya ber-BB karna orang kantor made me to... dan karna ada promo kartu kredit dan bos-ku nawarin gesekin pake kartu kredit dia. hakakak...

  2. mas ananda, wanna have one too? just go to nearest toko hape.. banyak.. :D

    dian, wooo.. baik banget bos kamu, jangan2 bosmu mas rully ya??? wakakakakakakakakak

  3. wHicH m0DeL is iT? i G0T 1 T0o.. 8520 cuRve.. BuT i'm N0T acTiv8 BBM cz i THiNk iTs N0T aPPR0PRiaTe siNce am0NG ma FRieNDs, i'm D 0NLY 1 useD iT.. L0L..

  4. elim, I don't know exactly, BB bold or onyx 2 or something I guess, hehehe I'm not hitech junkie too.. hahaha


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