Wednesday, July 13, 2011

old music-and-pc keyboard, pc, pc tour

hi there, I just wanna share a bit the "behind the scene" of my blogging bloggedy.. my closest friend in blogging is my pc and my internet connection of course.. and about my husband currently obsessed with piano.. after my brother in-law moved to our parent's much bigger house, he brought his casio digital piano there too.. I mean the piano was here with us as his previous home.. so, here's no piano anymore, but then my husband remember about our old music-and-pc keyboard in one, creative prodikeys (my brother in-law bought this keyboard in "fast and cheap" Malang in 2008).. I stored it in our warehouse, I posted about clearing off the warehouse here.. so he took it back and tried to fix some tuts that don't work anymore.. btw we used to use it, this prodikeys keyboard when we're in Tanjung Tabalong last year.. :)
Papa asyik with his new old-toy the keyboard, Alif playing his favorite game cakeshop2, game ini udah pernah kita tamatin tahun lalu di Tanjung, di-download lagi dan dimainin lagi :D
guitar effect VOX Tonelab with new old-fella the keyboard
hehehe, my stuff, blogging preparation: ulik foto dikit di GIMP
mouse pad kami, fuzz universe guitar tablature wkwkwkk (gak punya real mouse pad)

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