Thursday, July 14, 2011

my husband's birthday pizza

today is my husband's 30th birthday, and last night we kinda celebrated it in our way, eating out, oops, it's actually eating in, we're ordering pizza.. it's been a long time since my last pizza in 2009 (haha) and pizzas are always special.. :)
as when we ordered McD's delivery we checked, we checked pizza hut official website too, to choose the menu and see the price, but too bad, the price is not shown up in the website.. so I just dialed the number and ordered Quadza pizza with 4 variants topping, I didn't see that this menu is only available in large size, and when I asked the girl in the phone, I was a bit shocked for the price, it's Rp.106rb.. omg, I changed my mind and changed the menu to order, American Favorite Pizza, stuffed crust with melting cheese inside in medium size, as my husband's first choice.. Pizza hut delivery service took close to 45 minutes to come, and it was well worth the wait.. :)
I ate only a slice of this pizza, and I felt as full really full
so, happy birthday my husband, I love you so much, I will love you better in the morning, you're my favorite person in the world, you're my favorite guitarist, artist, singer, my Mr. IT wizard.. and I feel so lucky, and am way so much happy to be your wife.. :)

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