Tuesday, December 21, 2010

things the week

some of these pictures were taken on Saturday and Sunday I guess.. I don't really remember.. and because I've been walking around with Alif this morning, so I decided to post them all.. and I just tell the back-story behind the picture..
ngapain moto hotel jelita ya..? daripada gak ada yang difoto.. :)
I love this kinda thing.. artistic, cuma I'm not a photographer aja.. :)
to sweet sometimes, gak abis2 akhirnya..
refreshingly pulpy..
refreshingly seedless thing after another..
thinking bake without over-burn..
wounded elbow, ew.. gara2 masukin unstoppable motorbike..
kinda toy blocks or something.. or something..
Alip ni maen2 aja kalo mo difoto..


  1. dari tanjung lebih dekat kemana mbak? balikpapan atau bjm?

  2. lebih deket banjarmasin kayaknya.. :)


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