Saturday, November 06, 2010

wondrous mystical mind

I ever wished to rise...

ah, dream!!

they're up there..

pretty clouds of my cold dreary day..

they come floating into my mind..

no longer to carry rain and storm..

but to add color to my sky...

trees and rivers, grass of the mountain..

clouds and winds, stars and the sky..

they leave impression of the soul of mine..

they teach me lessons of life than I've ever learned before..

sickness and broken heart,

like the dark heavy clouds in the sky..

I just need to let the water off to make it relieved..

and the new sun will be shining so bright..

I know there are so many paths to the top of life..

but I believe, one day no more thing will ever stop me

from achieving my goal..

nothing on earth ever..

mountains and hills will be low..

the rough places will be straight..

I've learned..

that it's not the problems I defeat but myself..

it's not any mountain I conquer but my own passion..

and tomorrow will be my day..

when I see that mountain waiting..

I'll just get on my way...


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