Thursday, November 04, 2010

the grass's mellow lullaby

the silence here stands beside me, it guides me.. there was something about being lonely for me.. I'm making sense of it.. thing I can't be with it together.. thing I've lost, or thing I'll never have.. I like to think of flowers, grass and trees.. they sing me a lullaby.. I'm laying on the grass.. through the night, with a light from above.. and feel my dream I dream alone.. realize it, it was just a dream.. grass is always a wonderful metaphor for loneliness.. being alone, kissed by the rain.. let it wash away my pain.. the terrible winds sweep away my emptiness.. things in my life appear and disappear.. they remind me that I'm not completed in myself.. I don't want to be alone.. don't wanna be left alone.. all I understand, grass, wind and the sky.. grass never stop playing their song for me.. wind blows my sickness away from me.. and, I'll keep my mind as bright and clear as the sky.. loneliness spurs me to find something to live for.. it makes me resign to it, and get great enough thing to die for.. clinicoustic

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