Thursday, November 11, 2010

to be inspiring

like mr. Obama kali.. well I actually just "liked" him.. I always thought he's just the same American, or Ameri-can't.. tapi first impression not always right, right? Obama's truly wonderful speech was so impressive and inspiring.. I was impressed then.. and I hope those good words he's spoken about Indonesia really came from his heart.. I'm not actually talking about "Obama in Indonesia" (still talking about him.. *what a wack!!*), but since I've listened his speech and watched how he acted during his staying in Indonesia, it really gets my opinion about something.. how to be so inspiring and impressive..?? I don't really see something special about this mr. Obama, he's just an ordinary people.. the only special thing about him was, he ever lived in Indonesia and his inspirational life story (admitting -_-").. it's that simple, wants to be impressive and be inspiring? tonton aja Mario Teguh Golden Ways, be impressed, be inspired then.. LOL seriously, that is one of my mom in-law's favorite tv show.. tp aku jg have some tips to do if you wanna be some kinda impressive person.. first, just be yourself, as long as you do things just for the right reasons.. mean what you say, say what you mean, be bold, be ambitious!! then, be gentle, be courteous, be kind, never underestimate other persons, love everyone, respect people as much as you expect others do back to you.. when you failed at your first, believe in second chance.. never give up, always be excited to face the world.. just live life positively, be a better person than you were yesterday, doing thing better, enrich your life.. I believe it wouldn't be too hard to do as long as you believe in yourself.. so, do your best, be your best, be an inspiration for people around you.. clinicoustic

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