Thursday, November 11, 2010

think about home

these next 3 weeks are going to be most amazing times, we will spend 3 days in Balikpapan then fly to Malang, and we'll be there for about 8 days.. I can't wait for Saturday to pack my stuff and heading to my husband's hometown.. he completely needs to get some rest, and being in Balikpapan may refresh him before we get to Malang.. and I really miss our room in Balikpapan as much as I do to my hometown.. ^^
Mr. olp
we'll have my husband's another guitar with us driven to Balikpapan.. get some accessories for it.. and we'll bring it too to Malang then.. get its stuff, my husband's.. and it's gonna be my first Idul Adha in Malang since I've been 3 years living in Balikpapan then to Tanjung.. seems like this November is so exciting, full of fun and love of family's..

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