Tuesday, November 09, 2010

enjoy the boring town

know what's hot now? Obama in Indonesia, Merapi eruption still hot jg, and the halal shake btw mr. Tiffie and Michelle Obama *wacky* and whatsoever.. but, what excites me definitely not them.. it's my going back home stuff.. 3 days left before heading to Balikpapan then board to Malang, my hometown.. and I dunno why, my husband asked me to look around Tanjung, some kinda enjoy the 3 last days before his off.. I know exactly how boring this town.. So last night we spent a lil better part of our boring days at Dobbie (that place just as terrible as the town) but, it quiet entertained our son.. nayamul to better our simple life here.. ^^
at Dobbie T___T

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