Friday, November 12, 2010

now-vember, the exciting month

at least, that's what I'm feeling.. being excited to have everything smells like days off of work, vacation, road-trip, hometown and whole family.. besides the month itself is full of spirits and sweetness things.. it comes from the deep down inside of me, I feel so open-hearted, open-minded, no more judging over things.. I feel like receive things have happened, let go things I can't tie together..
sky as a metaphor of mind and spirit
it's true a friend's quotation "you can do everything, when you understand" I think really deep about these words, being ihlas, accepting what's happened.. the only thing I need to do to let go of thing is understanding.. well, hopefully everybody will feel the same like I do now.. find something sweet and help us get through rough days.. better life, better days ahead of us all... :) clinicoustic

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