Monday, November 15, 2010


Mondays, always lazy and sucks, but not for me today.. so many things kinda fun to do.. get to citilink to confirm our tickets then take a look around Balikpapan and more amazing things to get done.. maybe get some accessories for mr.olp the guitar.. and our trip yesterday was just as fun as next days we'll through.. got some snapshots of views during the travel.. and I got my first "kentut sadu".. sadu is kinda racoon but not exactly racoon we know, let me call it Indonesian Racoon.. hehehe and my husband, promise me dslr I really crave for, but with a condition, "mama harus ngerti dulu fitur2 di kamera pocket-nya mama itu" c'mon.. kamera mau bgt, tp belajar.. "no thanks, maybe later.." so here I answered him yesterday "gak usah de, org pengen kamera mahal cm buat gaya2an aja kok.." ^^V

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