Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Last Saturday, Alif's school commemorated Kartini's Day. All students and teachers were invited to dress in traditional Indonesian attire. Some parents who came were dressing up in kebaya and batik. The commemoration began with the speech by the principal about Kartini's heroism as a female patriot in fighting for Indonesian women equality and emancipation.

After the speech, the commemoration was followed with traditional clothing fashion show competition. All students and teachers took part to show their traditional clothes and their catwalk skills. Alif's teacher, Mr. Ali was a good performer, he swung his body expertly like a model and made all the audience laugh.

In addition to commemorate Kartini's heroism, the celebration was also aimed to promote and introduce various traditional Indonesian clothing to the students (and the parents too)

Alif's classmates, Yusuf is Bugis, Farhan and Raffli were in Dayak Kenyah traditional clothes

Jawa Corner

Left, Toraja traditional clothes, right- Kakak kelas 6 performed Ibu Kita Kartini song
Alif run on the runway :/

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