Saturday, December 08, 2012

this week on my phone

I hope it's not gonna be boring, sharing and talking about the same thing all of the time in my blog. Myself, my family, my friends, my little town. But yes, I love them all, I love my family, my friends, and I love to live in this small town. I'm so thankful for everyday of my colorful life. For this town, for those I love. Some snapshots found on my phone this week. Moments I'll remember.
//gak semua orang Balikpapan tau jalan ini//nemenin Mama di dokter-photoshoot//there's a new musician in the family//Princess gak mau kalah sama adek-adek bayinya//keponakan dan anak tetangga, Rangga dan Angga, nama dan mukanya mirip banget Subhanallah//lilin dapet kemarin dari Pertamina Days//
Thanks for these friends too. Happy weekend everyone. xo


  1. I like the pictures. Those are the little things that make our life the most beautiful :)


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