Monday, October 01, 2012

mouth watering and pizza

I love pizza, one of my favorite food. That's why, when Mama Faza offered me to join her quick lunch in Pizza Hut, the only word I remembered to say was "SURE! ayo ha!" Seperti biasanya, ngobrol sama Mama Faza is super fun. Sambil minum Lychee Sparkle yang so delicious, ngobrol ngalor ngidulnya jadi tambah seru. Your Monday still hate you?
Photobucket//delicious beverages//wants a slice?//take my picture first, Sis//Cheese lover, take away deluxe cheese buat Papa Alif//
PhotobucketI love this view, sepi, tenang, love it!
Photobucketand Mama Faza photo background, lovely
Photobucketand her cute kids


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