Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Animal Kaiser and a little stroll after school with Alif

My son's latest craze is Animal Kaiser cards, everyone already know what kind of card game it is I guessed. It's a card game where each card has a picture of ugly animal creature or animal monster. So today after school, Alif asked me to take him to his most favorite spot in the town ever, Timezone, to get his first original cards. Well, it was my first time too to play the real game in its machine, scanning it, then in the monitor appeared the creatures, they fought and I didn't understand how to play the game. Alif just keep hitting the green and the yellow button, and I didn't know how the monster won over the other one. And then, when the battle is over, there's a card came out from the machine, Alif got the card and he was sooo excited and wanted to play it again. We played 3 times and at that moment I joined the craze too.. :D

photos from today, left to right,

Alif playing animal kaiser,

2,3 fun world

pic 4, Alif's first original cards

I called it, Teh BC, kalo gak ke BC gak minum teh ini :D

Samsat Balikpapan di dalam mall, wow!!

Kartini Day is around the corner

Batik Manchester United, cute!!

Mama and Alif

Pic 13, 14, at Mc Donalds

Pic 15, Mama and Alif, the shadow.. :D

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