Saturday, December 31, 2011

a look back (2011 recap)

what a very exciting year it has been.. I thought I would do a little recap about each month and things that made it special.. Thank you so much for joining my blog and read my stories.. I just love sharing them with you.. May all your beautiful hopes and dreams for 2012 light up the night sky like beautiful fireworks!! so, let's begin 2012, and happy always my friends.. xo
setahun yang lalu, kami masih tinggal di Tanjung Tabalong
moving back to Bpn, Januari 2011
3 hari di Tanjung
Alif sakit campak, the worst of 2011
some nice things in April
another lovely day with fam in May
the best of 2011 :D
Alif's first day of school
what could be better than Eid?
first date with girl friends..
our first waterpark adventure
Manasik Haji Kecil, Lapangan Merdeka Balikpapan
lomba mewarnai di E-Walk Balikpapan Superblock malam tahun baru 2012

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  1. Happy New Year, wishing you only the best in 2012!


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