Monday, November 14, 2011

not regular monday..

my hubby is on his 2nd work trip to Banjar, and will back to Balikpapan tomorrow.. I'm actually feeling so lazy to do everything today, and I just want to relax and enjoying the day without my beloved to care for.. I tried to feel relaxed, but deep inside, it's so not cool being without someone I was caring for.. I miss it, when he said "Mama, hari gini masih pake windows, shame on you.." hahaha, Papa, aku tuh suka sesuatu yang vintage dan tradisional, nyambung'kan kalo aku masih pake windows.. :D

take care honey, have fun and stay safe... :)
when I'm so lazy, less working, more pose and pose... :D
beautiful maghrib view tadi..

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