Wednesday, October 19, 2011

whenever we get together, we know we're going to have fun

let me say, lately my life has been a big meeting, crafting, laughing and eating.. oh my, it's nobody's birthday, but we, as always, laugh while our hands stitching and I don't know whose idea it was, we just decided to eat out again in I-don't know-whose favorite spot to eat then more laugh..

here some pictures from today..

this morning, talking about angry birds, for myself, creating my own idea to draw the patterns of angry birds characters is like I must swallow an elephant, but I I no longer saying "I could never do that" so, Semangkaaaa!! :D
whew!! I'm a good model I guess.. :D
learning by stitching
my very own version of Pangsit Gunung Pasir, with no noodle.. I didn't finished those balls.. that's way too many balls in my bowl.. but there are always friend's bowls to throw some out..

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