Friday, October 28, 2011

tampilan baru dan fitur baru di blog saya

alhamdulillah, subhanallah.. I grew bored with my blog layout, 2 kolom, dan gitu2 aja.. then I redesigned it, clinicoustic's scratch has been living with some vintage look in header and background image.. that was my old personality hahaha.. now, I love crafting, and it completely has nothing to do with cs new look.. lol.. I removed my blog header image and stand with the original text from the template..

I designed some buttons for the new feature of clinicoustic's scratch, "post series".. now you can directly choose to read my special stories about my beloved city I'm residing for the last 4 years, Balikpapan, in the first button "Beloved East Coast" and other won't-boring-you stories of my life hahahaha (ke-pede-an Mode:On)

here's the new layout as seen on your screen now, and the buttons I'm talking about

what do you think of the redesigned and the new feature of clinicoustic's scratch?? do you like it?? :D

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