Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a friends day

Alif couldn't come to school today because of his stomachache since yesterday.. and stayed at home is a boring thing ever since I've been crafting in Creative Mommas, so I called Mama Fio and not-really-serious invited them to work at my home.. oh my, they really came then.. I remember a quote, a friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.. as always, we're having fun while we're working..

I'm so thankful you ladies to come and made my day so funny as everyday with you, and I really love being involved in our super fun crafting community.. :D
Creative Mommas's crafts ready to order.. more pictures to come.. anyway, we got super cute "Angry Birds" felt craft but it wasn't done in the rope,so I decided to post its picture later when it has completely done.. :D
I made a super delicious melon syrup to refresh the hot day..

in other news, I always panic anytime I heard Alif says "mom, my belly hurt.." like yesterday, then I sent him to hospital in the afternoon but get back home because the doctor wasn't available until 7 pm, and we brought him to the hospital again at 7.30pm.

Alif in hospital lobby, everyone said he didn't seem sick..

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