Monday, September 19, 2011

monday mommy date "tyto's kitchen"

back from the hospital, I took my son to my favorite restaurant in town, the tyto's kitchen.. I love the special promo menu here.. I've been going here ever since it opened, and now probably at least once a month.. and finally I know that Alif's favorite hobbies beside playing game is to see restaurant's menu book.. I usually let him choose his own stuff but finally I ordered one of the special promo menu for him.. hahaha the cheapest offered here..

alif's hotplate chicken noodle with free ice tea
rib soup, my favorite.. this is not included in the promo menu
egg rolls, 50% off on Monday
oh my, there's too much food we couldn't finish..

after lunch I bought Alif a new pair of sandals..

let's continue enjoying some window shopping Son.. :D

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