Sunday, August 07, 2011

so this happened again...

my son was sick since Sunday night after we ate in tyto's kitchen, do you remember my last post?? and he needed medical treatment in the hospital.. Monday afternoon, I took my son to the doctor and prescribed antibiotic and paracetamol.. but until Wednesday, he still got fever and it's quiet high, 39,2 degrees.. so we went back to the hospital in Wednesday morning, and after the blood check, the doctor said that it's better for our son to be treated in hospital so he can get infusion fluids and bed rest better than at home.. and on Friday the doctor allowed us to get home, with the cough syrup.. and he's still cough until now, and the worse thing is, he's nose is stuffy too..
in the ER, he looked so pale after set the IV fluids in his small hand..
watching his favorite movie, wall-e
lovely bolsters dari Bu Guru..
the nurse removing the IV set before going home..

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