Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gimme a Break!!

such a pressuring saturday.. I'm freaking tired, and depressed and all I wanna do now is laying on my bed and close my eyes.. I should have fall asleep now, but I haven't.. so many things that depress me a lot lately.. I've been trying to deal with them and just think "suck it up!!" but I just can't.. those things are so annoying and fill in my mind full of thoughts and trunks..
first thing is about the nanny I really wanna hire and I still don't get any jackpot until now.. it's like really hard to find a jobless person and need to get hired.. c'mon, I really need help.. I'm no longer at the top of the mess and can say such thing "ooo I don't even remember what all the fuss is about.." I'm a normal person with normal body and the most important is I don't wanna be sick anymore.. the 2nd thing is about some people I never met before and they called themselves "***** member" (salah satu organisasi masyarakat di Balikpapan) ya udahlah, they don't matter anymore, problem with them is completely clear and solved, and the case closed.. fiuuuh.. ^^ thing #3 is about ---> wah, curhatnya disambi ngemong alip, jadi lupa beberapa hal lain yang mo saya omongin di sini.. =) ya udah de, saya mau nggosok dulu.. doakan saya ya.. xo


  1. Everybody has a problem. So the smart things to face it, is by stand tough against it. Don't forget to pray and keep trying to be good.

    Person will rest in the Hereafter according to how hard he strives in the world." ( Khalid bin Walid RA)

    So, cheers :)

    - Aditia

  2. thank you Adit, praying is the best way for me to get more strength to face any problem.. alhamdulillah, I'm currently feeling better about those problems and my health.. :)


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