Sunday, May 15, 2011

eating out day and sky walk photo dumb

Sunday means eating out.. I actually cooked today, but Sunday won't be so special without hanging out with my hubby and our son.. so, we just headed to the mall just for lunch and enjoyed some our favorite menus from tyto's kitchen, our favorite (cheaper) restaurant in the mall.. ^^ as always, I ordered seafood fried rice and alif's favorite chicken mushroom noodle and siomay (opo boso inggrise pangsit basah?? hahahaha) and Papa just got his favorite red bean ice.. he didn't eat, he was still full when we arrived at the restaurant, he ate at home.. after lunch we walked to Sky Walk and enjoyed some views from there, and as always too, we got some snapshots there..
Top to bottom: foto1: nunggu pesenan foto2: es kacang merah foto3: nasi goreng seafood dkk foto4: mi ayam jamur tinggal dikit ^^ foto5: pangsit basah =D
Sky Walk Photo Dumb
Happiest Sunday and Monday til Tuesday off to you all... xoxo

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