Monday, May 30, 2011

being disconnected, outdated story, watch more TV

hey, I'm back, sharing things in my life.. I know, no body cares, where I've been for the past 4 days.. I'm not absolutely sick, my internet connection broke down since Thursday night (it's just fixed and up again), I haven't been able to connect the internet.. I spent weekend without internet connection (my computer is just a boring machine without internet, and I don't play game so much either), and I didn't blog..
but, there are always lessons behind every trial right?? look at the bright side.. I didn't blog (even there are so many things I wanted to share) so, I slept earlier, and I watched some films on TV.. I'm actually not a big TV watcher.. I watch just my favorite TV show, on the spot, OVJ.. that's all.. but, last Saturday night I finally watched chronicle of narnia on globalTV, I didn't really want to watch it at the first time, but it looked interesting, both the story and the setting.. so I just watched it and currently liking "peter pevensie" character in that film.. hihihi.. I hope my husband not going to be jealous, because I like just his kinda "protect his family is his nature" thing.. :)
gambar nemu di
not blogging, I slept earlier, and found my eyes are really fresh now, it seems to be really tired lately, turning red and all I need is sleep and more sleep..

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