Friday, April 08, 2011

follow my blog via NetworkedBlogs

it's actually not kinda cute thing this week, I've known networkedblogs since a month or more ago.. it's just, I just did, networkedblogs-ing.. it's funny, I followed 4 blogs it recommended, and I gained blog followers there.. I mean, people don't exactly know that my blog exist, and the good thing, in networkedblogs is, we can invite our facebook friends to follow our blog.. or we can post in a discussion board on FB to ask people there to follow our blog.. but, mostly they're not Indonesian.. so, I think, posting our invitation there not a really good idea.. I mean, who cares, who you.. I was there, I didn't follow anyone's blog, and I didn't post anything either.. well, I'll try to post an invitation later.. I feel a lil shy to admit it, I worry if nobody will reply my post and nobody cares.. :D but, I'll just give it a try.. so, if you are in NetworkedBlogs, follow my blog there, I follow back.. XO
*thinking about adding NetworkedBlogs widget in my blog, but I wait until I get some.. kinda.. ya, 100 followers..* hahahaha.. dream on!!!

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