Monday, January 17, 2011

thing happens for a reason

I said yesterday that we're about to move back to Balikpapan.. it doesn't mean at all that small-town life really pushed me down.. we're just fine before, until some bad things start to bother get us annoyed.. my husband's work situation, the unhealthy air here (the doctor said that) and any other thing that makes us take this decision about moving back to Balikpapan.. being here for a year makes me learn so many new things, I loved them mostly, adjusting myself to new culture and let my ears hear people speaking with different languages.. impressive.. live in this small-town makes me realized that I can't be away from our family.. I hate to be lonely when my husband at work.. I could say that 2010 was so adventurous.. it's when I got my first trip to South Kalimantan.. I enjoyed it so much, it's just enough for us those adventures.. it's now time to be back to the city and renew life there.. I'm planning on so many things when we're there later.. my son should get his first school this year, my mom in-law wants her another grandchild either.. hahaha so, there's no more thing that so much worthy to makes us stay here for any longer.. :)

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