Monday, January 10, 2011

Suramadu Bridge, A Slice of East Java

In a good mood for blogging, I won't refuse to take the chance.. Lebih sering malesnya ketimbang semangatnya ngeblog lately.. Well, it's not a completely new thing or new trip I'd love to tell here now, but my friend's 2-years-ago trip that she wrote on her blog yesterday was so inspiring.. why not writing about my trip to Suramadu Bridge on November 2010 here..
so, voila here I go telling you about my trip and the bridge itself especially.. Jembatan Suramadu or Surabaya-Madura Bridge is located in East Java, with length about 5.4 km and becomes the longest bridge in Indonesia even in South East Asia too I guess.. the travel was actually to visit my mom's birthplace Lamongan East Java, but hey, I visit Java once a year, why we don't use the chance to visit the bridge either, I mean we're heading the same direction, oops kinda lil bit swerving the car to other direction actually.. hahaha
These pictures below were taken during the travel..
Porong restaurant near to Lumpur Lapindo, I don't remeber whether it was closed.. :)
it's a track-hoe in the same location, Lapindo Mud Disaster Sidoarjo East Java
that is the fence to separate the special line for motorcycle, we all know Indonesian people are motorcycle freaks, LOL
and that's us, me, my super happy-ending husband, my son, and my nephew Z
my beloved mom with my aunt
it's taken from the car, we can see the cable structure of the construction
I don't know who they are.. maybe the mayor of Bangkalan City
My Mom and My Son
my only sista, my mom and my hubby, love them much :)
mr. O, Wow.. hahaha
kinda the thing LOL
the travel back to Surabaya

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