Saturday, November 13, 2010

hari "it's been too long I wait for it to come" datang juga

it's a day before tomorrow we'll get home, and another home.. *whooping* I should have done with my stuff, laundry and dishes.. and then pack my kumel duffel bag.. but I'm still here, I'm actually too much excited, so I just want to show how wonderful my day's gonna be today..
gaya suamiku pas mudik lebaran kemaren
things I have to be done with them today: dishes, ew.. I don't really love them.. I like to eat, more eat but if I could to chose, I will just eat without doing the dishes.. jk.. ehmmm seriously.. lol laundry, not so much better than dishes, but, rather do this than dishes.. when it's shiny, laundry could be so gentle and friendly to me.. but when it rains, c'mon.. I hate washing machine, it broke my expensive underwear.. lol pack my stuff, of course it's gonna be my favorite thing to do today.. pack and pack.. and smell my holiday so fresh.. :) then do some "going home" shopping, get some snacks for Alif and Papa for the road-trip.. it's gonna be 6 hours or more on the road.. I have to prepare everything, lunch on road, Alif's drinks, tissues, spoons, straws.. and all other funny things I love so much..
mejeng di depan mobilnya om dahlan dulu
so, best get them done now..!! ^^ semangat!!

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