Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rough Draft About My Life Part I

Chapter 5 : I'm ready to come home..
Years later, in the town where I live now.. Missing my hometown is just the air I breathe.. I miss everything about Malang.. I miss the roads, I miss the smell of it's soil when it rains, I miss the weather, I even miss the well in my house, .. My home is not about just place where I lived in, it is people.. Parents, sister, grandmother, they are the other name for my home..
Chapter 4 : Being a mother... I know exactly what "sleep like a baby" is..
The moment my son was born, I was also born, as a new mom.. I don't really existed before, I mean, I existed, but being a mother is something absolutely new.. Alif is more than trouble than my husband and I thought.. Having him in our life makes our nights longer, life happier, our love stronger, clothes dirty, and the house completely messy.. :)
Chapter 3: The marriage, what husband is? what wife is?
I was talking to my boyfriend, I don't really wanna get married, I wasn't ready at all.. I was just too scared, I want a great marriage, that my parents hadn't.. But then I realized, to full value a happiness, I must have someone to divide it with.. Now I know, getting married is the total celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity.. Let me say, I'm happy being married, it's like I have a special person to annoy for the rest of my life.. wkwkkk ^^V Papa..

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