Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rough Draft About My Life Part II

Chapter 2 : I was 17 to 20, rebel, conform, boys and heartache..
I was immature, I still be.. I remember that time, how happy I was, knowing the phone was for me.. Especially from the boy named "Joko" xixixi.. He was our guitarist, cool, don't talk too much and he was so kind.. I remember he took me to the bookstore and he just walked away left me behind.. I was so confuse why he took me then just went away.. I never took things seriously, and that was okay.. I wish I could turn back time and be young again, I'm not that old though..
Chapter 1 : My birth, growth and the trouble had just begun..
I was a baby then I grew into an innocent cute little girl with only older sister, I just never stop asking "How will that help Dad?" or "Why my grandpa always went ape-shit anytime I dropped the broom?" ew yucks.. :) But I remember how happy I was when I got my third grade "Hehe, finally, I've never been this old before.." to be continued...... ^^

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