Tuesday, October 12, 2010

some of my photos are missing all of the sudden

Yesterday afternoon my sister called me, she said, she has checked and read some of my blog posts, but she said, why some of your images don't show up..?? I thought it was just some kind of "maintenance" thing or server problems or what from Blogger, and it will be normal again soon, after they fix it, all those images will return when the server gets straightened out.. All I have to do is just to wait.. But, until last night when I logged on, they're still missing, I went check my Picasa Web Album, my photos were still there.. I never do things to my user account or what, or just change my password, never.. When I clicked my "blank" image, the link said "forbidden permissions blah blah blah.." Gosh, what could have happened with my blog?? I've tried some things people suggested from Blogger help, but they don't work at all.. I just feel like "No, I won't re-upload them pictures one by one, ever again.." but, that was exactly what I did, I don't find anymore solutions or opinion, so I just have to start upload those pictures again.. And I believe I just figured my problem out my self, I solved it, my case closed.. :)) *YAWNS*

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