Friday, March 01, 2013

February went by fast and a note to thank you

Seriously, I don't remember that today is March 1st already. I've been so busy this week and missing some of my son's school events, that's kinda sad. Anyway, we've had a good moment at Faza's place Wednesday afternoon. And for tomorrow, we'll be looking forward to relaxing in the pool side, and a few new spot snapshots. Mama Faza and I was thinking about The Aston Hotel days ago. I hope tomorrow is going to be a great weekend, and March is going to be a great month. xo
a glimpse into our week
Just a note on my first post on March and also my 600th blog post. I'd like to say thank all of you my blog readers and followers. Thank you for reading my stories and show your appreciation and your support, for commenting and spreading your words and sharing your thoughts here. Thank you for reading and happiest weekend.


  1. Mbaaak itu rumah rumahan barbie nya siapaaa???? hehehehhe bukan punya ALif kan yaa... apa punya mamanyaa ???

    1. punya anak temenku mbak mel, itu yg sering featured di sini :D


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