Sunday, February 17, 2013

weekend photos

What did you get up to today? Alif got very bad fever and cough since Thursday night, and I've been neglecting some works and decided to stay at home during the weekend caring of my son. Alhamdulillah, he got better feeling today, but he will still stay home tomorrow and not go to school until he gets real healthy. Syafakallahu my son.. 

//at the doctor yesterday//enjoyed 3D movies-watching at home//new fave bite-size pie//cuddle took a nap//and some lovely finds I wanna have// Hope your weekend has re-energized you for more exciting and busy week ahead. xo


  1. Waa alif sakit ya? get well soon ya nak, biar bisa maen lagi :). btw itu genji mini pie bukan mba? hihihi.. aku juga suka. apalagi dulu pas lg hamil

    1. makasi mbak mia, iya itu genji, ak baru tau kalo ada yang bite size :D


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