Friday, January 25, 2013

happy weekend

Besok pagi Alif akan mengikuti tes penerimaan murid baru di SDIT Al-Auliya I, mudah-mudahan Alif lancar ikut tes dan berhasil diterima di Auliya. Amiin..

Some happiness today..
1. I usually post a picture like from today or yesterday, but this one is from January 2nd, I think it was a nice pic of me :D
2.this one is from last week, an awkward photography by Alif
3. we transformed from mac to windows 8, I've always love windows tho
4. my hi-school friend's bbm display picture today, it's for sale, and then cherokee fever coming off and strikes everyone, that's it!
5. donuts make everything seems sweeter today [abis makan donut, gigi Alif yang baru ditambal permanen sakit lagi dan tambalannya dibongkar lagi. arrgh!]
6.Grimace and Alif. kata Mama Syifa, lutuna Alif sama Mamahnya ya.. hahaha

What are you up to this weekend?

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