Monday, January 28, 2013

enjoy and happy weekend

I have loved having a time to spend with my beloved friend and the kids yesterday. Here are a couple of photos from some fun moments of the weekend.
 photo all-10_zps74430b82.jpg
//Menghadiri acara peringatan Maulid Nabi di At-taqwa//The Body Shop 2013 resolution pinboard//brilliant idea from TBS//like I'd said, I have no any resolution for 2013, just go with it, so I wrote that one//I'm in love with this tiny little essential oil's bottles//and this chalkboard at the chocotiers//Alif's section/pic 8-9 Gong Xi Gong Xi is in the air//
 photo 101_0896_zps88b4a86e.jpg
with Masjid At-Taqwa background
 photo 101_0900_zps653c9ea0.jpg
 photo 101_0902_zpsea2b2f79.jpg
another overpass photoshoot
 photo IMG01080-20130127-1345_zps43eeef55.jpg
 photo nabigh_zpsb2465377.jpg
Alif dan Faza, kompetisi mengangkat Nabigh terlama hahaha

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