Saturday, August 04, 2012

this week in toycamera

I look back through my blog and realize that I don't share a lot of daily photos and snapshots like I used to. I guess I'm just so busy and so much to do. I actually really enjoyed doing "daily life" posts and share how my every single day looks like. It's been so long that I have to open my old posts to see where I went and what I did. This is random photos from this week effected in toycamera analog.
left to right //shopping with mom in-law//at The Bodyshop, I liked their tagline GET YOUR RAMADHAN LOOK//Alif udah TK B sekarang//Alif's new classroom//Alif's awkward smile//with Mama Olla dan teman baru Mama Rayhan//lovely pua aloalo//oleh-oleh yang selalu sama dari Aussie// Happy weekend xo

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