Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fun aerobic and kids theater day

as another Wednesdays, today is "fun aerobic" and to be outside of the classroom day for the kiddos.. they're always so much excited about being outside.. and there's something special for the kids today, a 'kids theater" show from frisian flag.. but too bad, the kids (and the parents too) were lil disappointed, because the guys from frisian flag were too long to prepare the puppet theater.. and the spg was nut, she wore a short sleeve super tight shirt with legging and wearing hijab.. omg, the moms there were like "look at that girl, she's completely out of her mind.."

gak pernah bosen ngeliatin muka2 lucu lagi beraksi..
awalnya mereka duduk manis nungguin the puppet theater, karena kelamaan akhirnya anak2 pada buyar, ada yang main di playground ada yang kejar2an, bosen'kan?? kasian anak2..

nunggu nge-set stage-nya hampir satu jam, the puppet theater-nya gak sampe 10 menit.. GRRRR!! lain kali, kalo ada yang mau promo di sekolah, ya datang lebih awal dong biar anak2 gak kelamaan nunggu.. udah gitu, spg yang gj itu bagi2 stiker dan banyak anak2 yang gak kebagian stikernya.. biar kata cuma stiker, yang namanya anak2, kalo temennya dapet, dia nggak 'kan sedih.. pokoknya the puppet theater was awful and disappointing.. (mama2nya yang protes, anak2nya gak ngerti..hehehe)

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