Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ramadhan is almost gone, then it's Idul Fitri again!!

I feel actually the same way in each year when Ramadhan is near the end.. I feel happy and soooo thankful for the holy moment of Idul fitri approaching in front of us already, but a bit sad because Ramadhan Mubarak went sooo quickly and will leave us.. it's only 6 days remain, I tried and absolutely did my best to get any benefit of the holy month.. and I keep praying to Allah, may Allah give His Forgiveness, His Mercy to me, to my family and everyone and we'll meet again with Ramadhan Mubarak next year.. :)
Idul fitri is right around the corner, a lil preparation to welcome the holy moment.. my mom in-law and I are planning on making cookies for Idul fitri on Sunday.. and the wacky thing is, we'll use the pineapple jam from the last Idul fitri.. and I think the jam doesn't expire because we kept it in the freezer and never defrost it at all, and when I opened the jar yesterday, I didn't smell anything weird.. and I heard that if the jam was processed properly, it will last about 2 years.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

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