Sunday, July 17, 2011

saturday recap (shopped for the day)

after the parents meetup, my husband got to his work, even it's a day off but he got some things to fix there.. but we planned on go to the supermarket and shop for the day after his work..
these safety boots are made for wearing, both working or walking around the town
McD's Pals
some goods we found
thrifted found, special price promo only at hypermart and foodmart
my husband is currently using it, with it's super masculine fragrance..
funniest and nicest promo in hypermart ever, tiap belanja kelipatan 100rb, dapet satu buah kelereng nickelodeon.. pas spongebob character semua lagi.. Alif was ultra excited when the cashier girl gave him those marbles..
asyik merakit mobil2an baru..

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