Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alif's crafts activity

today Alif got another task from his teacher to make a necklace made of drinking straw.. I was outside the classroom as I saw Alif and his friends sat gather round ms. Nita that started to cut up some drinking straws in various colors, I was curious, so I decided to join the class and watched my boy filling the yarn with the straws.. I snapped some moments today.. :)
after school, I took Alif to the doctor, if you are noticing my son's right eye is swollen, it's been 2 days, maybe it caused kinda bedbug bites or other bug when we carried him for a walk Sunday night.. he skipped his school yesterday, because I worried if he will feel unwell in school, and I just took care of him at home..
Alif's project :D

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