Tuesday, May 10, 2011

still feeling sick

today I finally decided to go to the doctor and get prescribed.. like I had said yesterday, my cough seems to be getting worse, not better.. and the worse thing is, this morning I got my son had the fever too even it's not so high.. but I worried about the sore throat and the cough.. my doctor prescribed me antibiotic and some cough pills (the cough is killing me, and I can't stop spitting out) and eperisone for my neck that hurt, maybe it's because I slept wrong few days ago.. and my son got prescribed some syrups as his thera-flu and cough, and antibiotic too.. hopefully after taking all those medicines we'll be better by morning.. my son's drugs worked so strong, after taking his med this morning he slept 2 hours, and when I'm writing this, he's sleeping again.. and for myself, I learn a thing I will just treat my body better.. I hate being sick, unproductive and can't taste any good food..
teman sakit (means "the companions when we're sick")

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