Wednesday, April 13, 2011

husband away

being away from my husband for 4 days means, it's time to set some goals for myself.. honestly, I was freaking bored last night, was being without him, and my internet connection was down until this husband's going out of town (to Banjarbaru and Tanjung) to handle some works.. and he actually wanted to take us (me and our son) with him.. it's more fun for him to have us with him anywhere, even when he's working..
now, I feel lil funk, I don't know why.. feel strange, and I just want him to get home asap.. and, I hate feel lonely, even though I know how to overcome loneliness when he's not here with me.. like I had said, all I need to do is set some goals for myself, but.. what goals?? I just took my son and his cousin to McD, we ate, I ordered my favorite menu, but it didn't work so much.. I top up my internet credit this morning, and I got my internet connection speed is so fast now, just like it should be, but, it's just the same, doesn't cheer me that much.. I'm just thinking about if next time he should be on a trip again, I will just go with him no matter what.. and I don't trust myself anymore, when I think I know what I should do when my husband is away, it's a shit.. I'm freaking bored, went ape-shit and fight against my own stupid thoughts about what he's doing there.. stupid and crazy..
long for bedroom concert ala Papa Alif.. :(

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