Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the trunk and thoughts "the glass was half empty"

I've been thinking a lot lately about my life and how it's changed.. I definitely have a more pessimistic way of looking at things.. I mean, it's about when we lived in Tanjung.. I think I was a very negative person when we were there.. I realized I did that, and anytime I remember that I stop myself.. ok, I'm quitting negative, I don't wanna be a negative person in my day to day life, because I know thing, I'm not a negative person.. I have a great life with my husband that I have now.. and... whoah!! I think things are getting better every year for us.. I was ultra happy, when my beloved husband got a new promising job here.. sooo.. thing is.. my life is good.. I'm trying to forget my past and the people or stupid moron ex hahahahaha that did me wrong and just move on with my life.. and now, I just wanna be more and more optimistic and happy person, anyway, I do have a lot thing to be happy for..
things that cheer me up and help me to remember how great my life is: 1. I have the greatest husband in the world 2. we have moved back to Balikpapan, eastern coast city that I love alot.. 3. our little chief is getting his first day at school soon.. 4. my inlaws here are good people, and they love me as well.. 5. I live in my inlaws's house that rarely have a problem.. 6. I'm not deprived of anything I need such as food, transportation, money, etc.. 7. I get to travel more often than most..
jalan2 terus with whole fam.. :D
it's time to think happy thoughts!! :)

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